Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daw t

I think my keyboard hates me.
So, I totally got trapped in the elevator at work today. That's the sears tower. Being trapped in an elevator in the tallest building in the states SUCKSSSSS.
I tried to reimagine the experience, it was traumatic lemme tell you!
The for real camera is currently dead, apologies for the crappier cell phone quality.

Crappier than i expected. Here be a series!!!

Still, i got uber excited when i figured out how to send pictures from my phone to the computer without internets. Bluetooth, who fuckin knew?
This blog will also chronicle my emergence into the 20th century. or whatever.

So, i got stuck in the elevator, our securty cards don't work for this particular one, and every floor the elevator was called to was empty (SCARY) and i had to wait for someone in the lobby to call it. I almost called security, (DAMMIT I FORGOT TO DRAW THE STUPID PHONE), but was saved JIT: just in time. is that a thing? i can never figure out that shit.

LAME. I have to leave for work in like an hour. good thing i slept this afternoon. my sleep schedule gets all fuddled by the end of the week. but you don't give a snail's shit about that do you?

in fact, i'm not even sure why i mentioned that. Here's an elevator phone:

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